Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I've decided that i'm not really good at keeping my blog updated. Maybe because i'm new at this and havent gotten into the blogger mindset (is there even one?) but I promise that i'll get better. Trust me on this one!

I found this cute little note about a girl and really what makes her tick. So i decided to write one myself, I used the same format as her, but changed the words! It was a while ago when I wrote this. This is what makes me, me.

I Love to sing, even though i'm not very good at it. But if you ask me to sing for you I probably wont, it has it be spontaneous. I don't like the dentist. Needles are a phobia, so are spiders and bugs of any sort. Buzzing is probably my least favourite soundand can drive me insane.

I like Food, even if its not good for me. I like shakespeare even though I cant understand him. I like things that make you think, things that make you re-examine your belifes.

I love Going with the flow... things don't always need to be planed out. I'm very indecisive... there are soo many things that I would really love to do, but im afraid you wont like what I choose.

I'm afraid of drowning, of choking and of not understanding. I love cozy socks and brand new sharpies. I love bread and soft serve ice cream. Colouring is fun. My two favourite animals are elephants and ducks. I love playing in the rain and sitting outside when its stormy.

I don't like math... don't understand science. I admire people who know who thay are. I also admire people who can hula. I love praying. Rather be hot than cold, and rather eat chicken than beef.

Florescent lights make people look weird.

I love having a night out with old friends, and having another night with the new ones. There are certian 4 letter words the world would be better without. I don't swear, I choose not to. There are clothes that i'm scared to wear, but I wear them any ways...even if i get some weird looks.

I belive in God and know he will never give up on me even if I break his heart a thousand times. I Love the city. I love blankets even in the summer. I'm bad at foreign languages. I'm allergic to every thing outside in the spring time, but will never refuse the oppertunity to go outside.

I love beginnings, but I know that endings have to come before beginnings.

so ya thats a glips of me.

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