Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Foreigner

I sew, I sew costumes. Last year my school did Les Mis and the cast was humongous! and everyone had a million costume changes!
This year we did a comedy called the foreigner, it is so funny, I just sit backstage laughing.
I love the feeling of community with a cast, even though it's small, it's like a small dysfunctional family. We only have 2 more shows and I am truly going to miss it!
pictures will be coming soon!

Monday, February 16, 2009

the lovely Pink Door..

The Lovely Pink door always made me smile.
I was in Scotland and to get to the church we where staying in we had to walk past this door, I absolutely love it!
When I have a house of my own the door is going to be pink.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines...

So today is valentines, I love this day! Mostly because of the pink and red and hearts and love, put those all together and whala, perfect holiday. I know some people don't like valentines because they think that it just a holiday for the stores to make money on, but for me valentines day is a chance to show love to one and other. Our world is so full of anger and jealousy and hate, so valentines is a silly holiday to really just show love.

I woke up today to heart shaped french toast, had a heart shaped grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, went out for tea with my mother and sister, and out for coffee with a great friend, ate entirely to much candy, and finally conjured my fear of driving alone, I think every day should be valentines day.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

trains, planes, and automoblies

Last Friday I went to Vancouver, but instead of driving we went on the west coast express. I absolutely love trains, theres just something about them that just so unreal you feel like you're not in this world, like your 150 year in the past, or in Harry Potter or narnia (for some reason I felt like I was in narnia?). If I only had one way to travel for the rest of my life it would be trains,

or maybe a bicycle.

Now playing: You're the Storm- the cardigans

(the best trian music, by the way)